Unlimited Backup & Storage For Your Desktop or Laptop

Backup is one of the most critical elements of any Information System. Regular automatic back up of your data can give you piece of mind and literally save you and hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time restoring lost data! 


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I have found the backup program to be easy to install, continually backups everyhing, gives me piece of mind and is better and much more reasonably priced than all other competitors.

Larry Jacobs 


I like the fact that they guarantee their products with a 100% no questions ask refund, that says allot.

Mary Bankowski

I loaded everything on my computer’s hard drive; then it crashed. CWSSecureDrive works automatically, so I had forgotten that it was backing up all the time. So even the documents I had worked on all morning where backed up waiting for me to restore back to my new hard drive. CWSSecureDrive saved my digital life.

Nancy Chen

I did not believe unlimited, because I take photos and videos all day and have huge data files. CWSSecureDrive backs it all up and does it automatically and quickly. I also appreciate that I can access my backed up photos, or stream my videos from any internet access point, even with my smartphone or tablet.

Marc Chapman

CWSSecureDrive could not be easier or faster to set up. I downloaded the software to my PC and within minutes the system was backing up my files automatically. When I accidently deleted a file, I was able to quickly, find and restore from my personal access portal.

Juan Ortiz

This is not the first cloud backup service I have subscribed to, so I can say from experience, it is the best for me. It is easier to setup, faster to upload of restore data. All at a great price.

Nick Scott Sr.

One would believe that all backup & storage services are the same, they are not and it has to do with personal service, corporate responsibility and business integrity which the management of CWSSecureDrive show they have after speaking with them and to me that equates to best business practices, best cost, best features, best band width and best customer service to mention a few.I didn’t think these kinds of companies were around anymore!I’m sold and pleased.

Janice Brooks